Hi 👋, I’m Rohit Agrawal!

I’m a Software Engineer and Applied Data Scientist based in Delhi

I love making tools that make your work easier and your life a bit smoother. I'm big into machine learning and right now, I'm exploring interesting applications of Large Language Models (LLMs)—they're like helpful chatbots that make technology friendlier


Give me six strings and I’ll give you a tune to kick back to. I’m no Hendrix, but I love plucking away and getting lost in the music. It’s my kind of escape.


When I need to punch out the day's stress, the boxing gloves come on. There’s something about the sound of a heavy bag that calms me down.


Pencil in hand, I like to turn the world into doodles - capturing slices of life, the amusing, the moving, the everyday. Not always perfect, but always fun.

Featured Projects


Pearl UI

User-friendly UI library for React Native, offering ready-to-use components, framer-motion-like animations, dark mode, and responsive design.



Python-based backtesting library for simulating trading strategies over historical data for creating cryptocurrency trading bots.


Tweet Sense

Sentiment analysis for Twitter hashtags using an LSTM model trained on the Sentiment140 dataset from Kaggle, to evaluate and display sentiments.


Palette Auto-Generator

Automatic color palette generation for UI design using genetic algorithms. By inputting a base color, these algorithms craft aesthetic and accessible palettes.


Tic-Tac-Toe AI Bots

Intelligent bots capable of playing Tic-Tac-Toe built using the Minimax Algorithm and Reinforcement Learning demonstrating the application of foundational AI concepts.


StackOverflow Search Buddy

Word2Vec encodings based search engine for StackOverflow questions that ranks results based on semantic similarity instead of keywords

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